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This Liverpool-Tottenham hype promo is a little bit one-sided

Something is missing here

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Tottenham Hotspur travel to Anfield tomorrow to take on Liverpool. On paper this is a match-up of a title contender vs. a mid-table side. But, we all know that Liverpool are Liverpool. They are a prestigious club with tons of history and anytime you play them it's a big deal.

However, the people in France must not care one iota about Liverpool. At least this one TV station that is advertising the game doesn't. They put together a neat little promo hyping tomorrow's match as most outlets tend to do. But, instead of showing both team's highlight moments from this season, this video is a little light on the Liverpool clips:

HC+S LIVERPOOL-TOTTENHAM - 01 SAM 02-04 from Olivier Schaack on Vimeo.

I mean, that's a little egregious don't you think? The only mention Liverpool gets is a highlight of their supporters singing YWNA. I love YNWA as much as anyone, but that's a slap in the face to Liverpool. They could've thrown a Philippe Coutinho goal in there or something. It's hilarious that every single highlight is of Spurs doing amazing things, not that we're complaining. It's just strange.

I don't speak French so maybe there's a perfectly logical explanation for why this is so Spurs-heavy. Either way, poor Liverpool...No highlights for you.

H/T to /r/COYS