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Happy Birthday, Dele Alli!

Our baby is all grown up...

Tottenham Hotspur revelation, Dele Alli, turns 20 years old today. He celebrated like every other sane person does -- by telling a lame joke on Twitter dot com:

As the supposed social media guru here at CFC, Dele Alli has been a gift from the heavens this season. The relationship between him and Eric Dier has been absolute gold and never-ending. You just knew Dier couldn't let his pal's special day go by without paying tribute:

Happy birthday @delealli36, always got your back

A photo posted by Eric Dier (@ericdier15) on

ericdier15Happy birthday @delealli36, always got your back

Happy Birthday, Dele. Thank you for being an amazing footballer and fun a social media presence. Please keep doing dope things that make my posts somewhat interesting so they keep me around.