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Chadli and Vertonghen dress up as waiters to surprise Belgium fans

If you're a football fan you may be aware of a little tournament coming up this summer called EURO 2016. You have heard of it? Good. Well, Belgium are experiencing sort of a 'Golden Generation' currently and feel really good about their chances.

To get fans of their team hyped up for the tournament, three Belgian Tottenham Hotspur players were used in this very interesting advertisement. Basically the premise of the video is to surprise an unsuspecting Belgian family by disguising Nacer Chadli and Jan Vertonghen up as waiters, while Mousa Dembele randomly has a meal with them.

You have to admit that the Belgium national team has some pretty unique advertisement ideas and they aren't shy about using Spurs players front and center in them. As we all know, the boys aren't afraid of a little camera time. Isn't that right, Jan?

Spurs will have a ton of representatives in EURO 2016 this summer with the just Belgian contingent and the English national team in mind. This doesn't even include Hugo Lloris who will likely be in net for the hosts. It should be a fun summer for Spurs fans even if there won't be any club action for a few months.