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Harry Kane posts Instagram photo of lions after Leicester City draw

Tottenham are lions now, I guess!

Just after Leicester played their way to a 2-2 draw with West Ham at the King Power stadium on Sunday, Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane posted a cryptic photo to his Instagram account, without any comment or explanation.


A photo posted by Harry Kane (@harrykane) on

You can interpret this image in a number of different ways, I suppose. The obvious interpretation is that the lions are supposed to represent Tottenham, who are now big cats instead of chickens standing on basketballs, and are metaphorically stalking their prey after Leicester dropped two points to West Ham today. Spurs are now "back in the hunt."

Or perhaps the lions are meant to represent Tottenham, who are full of young English talent, as the true embodiment of English football, instead of Leciester, with their Vardys and Drinkwaters, and Huths. (Though, it should be pointed out, there are FOUR lions in this picture instead of England's Three Lions. Four lions >>> three lions.)

Or maybe a spade is simply a spade. Harry Kane is a man of simple pleasures, after all, and isn't usually one to be abstruse. Maybe he just came across that photo, just really likes lions, and wanted to share it with his Instagram family. Aww, aren't those big cats great? Lions are just the best!

Spurs can close the gap on Leicester to five points with a win tomorrow at Stoke City.