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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links April 18, 2016

A new hope

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Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Good morning!

Welcome to your work week, Tottenham; welcome to match day. If the title race wasn't stressful enough when it was a foregone conclusion that Leicester would win it, it's downright gripping now that they've dropped points and face time without their good guy striker, Jamie Vardy.

Just when I thought I was out (believing we could win the league)...they pull me back in.

Most people who frequent the site know I have no love for Stoke, even if they have moved away from Pulis-ball under Mark Hughes. They even have delightful players in the attack that, when we aren't playing against them, are fun to watch. Nonetheless, there are awful memories of men in those shirts smashing and grabbing their way to points against us in the past, not to mention the hostile crowd.

So later today I'm going to watch the match, hoping we run over a team I can't stand to increase our chances of making a run at the title. It's not like I'm set for a kick in the teeth here or anything.

Let's make up for years of dodgy results against these bums tonight and kick this title rhetoric into full gear.

And now for the "news":

Are Spurs tracking Mikel Arteta?| Sports Mole

Mauricio loves him, but would the power of multiple love connections be too much for team already bursting at the seams with the Eric and Dele saga. Stay tuned.

Tottenham and Stoke ready to duel this over Berahino| Telegraph

Wait, can Hughes actually talk about this? Much like nobody actually understands what constitutes a foul anymore, what the hell must a manager do to be charged with tapping a player up?

Christian: Ajax experience helps me, Jan, and Toby| Squawka

Followed by his thoughts on Pledge, Arm & Hammer, and Windex.

Rangers beat Celtic in Old Firm classic| Got the Battle Fever On

Scottish Cup and the League Cup should merge without Premier League teams. My column: