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Jamie Vardy charged with improper conduct by FA.

The plot thickens!

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We now have an answer to the question we all wanted on Sunday: Did Jonathan Moss include Jamie Vardy's comments in his post-match report?

Vardy had a hand in both helping and hurting league leaders Leicester City in their 2-2 draw against West Ham on Sunday. The now co-league leader in goals scored put the Foxes ahead of the Hammers 1-0, but after receiving his second Yellow Card for simulation in the penalty area, he was sent off to take Leicester City down to ten men.

After that, Vardy took his frustration out on Jonathan Moss, appearing to call the center official a "F****** C***."

Today, speculation has ended as to what Moss wrote into his post-match report.

Before we all start assuming what's going to happen, let's go with what we know.

Due to Vardy's actions, he is guaranteed to miss Leicester City's next match, which is against Swansea City before they close out their season with a three match run-in of a trip to Manchester United, home against Everton, and away against Chelsea. As it stands now, Vardy would be eligible for those closing matches.

According to the FA's website, Leicester and Vardy have until Thursday to answer to the allegations. From there, we'll learn of Vardy's fate.

As for speculation as to what will actually happen, there is some precedent to this. Diego Costa did a Diego Costa thing and picked up an extra match ban for his actions during Chelsea's title run. Gabriel Paulista from Arsenal also got a match for his actions involving Costa.

Right now, it's hard to say what to expect. Improper conduct is one of those blanket rules that the FA has in order to cover as many stupid actions as possible. Whether or not the FA decides that verbally abusing an official warrants worse than what Costa and Gabriel picked up is yet to be determined.

For now, given the evidence that we have, I would expect Vardy to at least miss the Manchester United match. Referees take more than enough abuse, so it's time the FA steps up and shows that calling an official a terrible name and waving a finger in his face is enough to get you an extra suspension.

With Tottenham eight points back of Leicester with a match in hand that will be played in a couple of hours, this isn't exactly the window of opportunity someone would have expected. However, the idea that Vardy would miss both Swansea and Manchester United is exactly what could turn this title race upside down.