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Harry Kane has now scored more goals than Aston Villa this season

via r/Soccer

Harry Kane now has 24 goals this season. Aston Villa, the lowest placed team in the Premier League only has 23 this season. That's right. Harry Kane has more goals than an entire Premier League team.

His 24th goal wasn't the most amazing one you'll ever see on the highlight reel, but it's a huge one as it guarantees that Tottenham Hotspur will beat Stoke City and pull them up to 68 points and just five within league leaders Leicester City who finally dropped points this weekend.

Harry Kane is in top form and will need to carry it on for the rest of the season if Spurs have any chance of catching Leicester for the title.

Meanwhile the real interesting race will be if Kane can finish the season with more goals than lowly Aston Villa who are already relegated this season.