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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links April 19, 2016

This train is now running express

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Good morning!

Ok, I dislike Stoke as much as the next guy, probably more than most, but they are a perfectly fine team on the pitch. At times this year they've been in fine form. Yes, like most mid-table sides, they struggle to maintain the highest highs, but they also usually don't have extreme lows. We just introduced them to the low point of their season.

Tottenham Hotspur have put together dominant performances this year to be sure, most of them being of the defensively dominant variety. This was something else.

The type of attacking performance we just put down on a decent team, in their place, with all the pressure on us was nothing short of amazing. And Danny Rose didn't even get a shot off when he was clear in on goal! Once again, Stoke are not relegation fodder--this is a top 10 Premier League side.

I've lived to see Spurs as the best team in England. I know we aren't in first (we're coming for that a**, though) but it's true. We've got it all, and it couldn't be any more fun, could it?

And now for the "news":

Alan Shearer reveals Sir Alex's thoughts on Harry Kane| The Sport Review

I assume my invitation to this lunchtime meeting was lost in the mail.

Mauricio: We believe in the dream| BBC

Then Mark Hughes spoke about the train that ran his squad over and, considering that all his players had been murdered by a train, when he could buy new ones.

I may be interpreting a bit.

Spurs close to securing a year at Wembley| Sport Business Daily

We're coming for you/ We're coming for you/ Wembley Stadium, we're coming for you.

Looking back at an old Dele Alli article| Cartilage Free Captain

Remember when he was a box-to-box midfielder that was going to save our double pivot?

Which NHL teams can win four straight games| SB Nation Hockey

It's pretty hard to win four straight, eh?

NHL playoffs are pretty good, I guess; and if you don't believe me, and want an enthusiastic second opinion, just ask NHL playoffs twitter.