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Leaked Tottenham 2016-17 home kits found in Australian store

Are these Spurs' kits for next season?

Big news today if you're a fan of leaked football kits! Cartilage Free Captain user MisterM discovered what appears to be the 2016-17 Tottenham Hotspur home kit in a store in Australia, and took pictures, posting them originally in the comments of the Hoddle of Coffee. The kit designs for next years' shirts have yet to be announced by the club or by UnderArmor.

These kits would seem to confirm the earlier leaked reports from Footy Headlines that indicated a primarily white kit with navy and gold accents. I had previously pooh-poohed these reports as being ludicrously early, but apparently I was incorrect. These do appear to be legitimate, and based on the tags this is almost certainly next year's home kit unless it's a sophisticated forgery. Note to self: Footy Headlines is generally correct.

The first reaction to new kits is usually "ewww" and then fans get used to them and end up liking them. That said: ewww. I'm not a huge fan of the navy shoulders, and while the gold trim sounds good in theory, I really kind of hate the piping around the V-collar. The combined effect makes it look like a Starfleet uniform. And of course, the red AIA logo sucks, but there's probably nothing the club can do about that. But again, maybe it'll look better on the field, like this years' blue away kits, which have grown on me.

This is reportedly the final year in UnderArmor's kit deal with Tottenham Hotspur; reports are that Nike are in negotiations to take over as kit suppliers for the club starting next season, but nothing formal has been announced.

Thanks very much to MisterM for posting the photos. What do you think about these kits? Love them? Hate them? Needs more sash?