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Community Hoddle of Coffee for Monday, April 25

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Good morning, Hoddlers! The Hoddle just graduated from college on Sunday, and hence was out partying with its friends and getting drunk and trying not to worry about how it's going to pay off it's student loans when it doesn't have a job. Maybe it's also considering moving back into theroosevelts' basement, but surely things aren't THAT bad yet, right?

At any rate, here's a Community Hoddle for you to get your talk on along with a few links to get you started.

And now the "news"

Sandro's backing Spurs to win the title | Sky Sports

My goodness I love this man. These quotes are like Brazilian roundhouse kicks to my heart.

Spurs players laud Dele Alli after winning PFA Young Player of the Year |

Unfortunately, there are no quotes from his life partner, Eric Dier.

Daniel Levy to relax wage structure next season | Evening Standard

Huh. I get that a lot of players are due wage hikes, but aren't Spurs going to be given a little cushion by virtue of not having to pay Emmanuel Adebayor anymore? That should help with any wage cruch.