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Could this incident vs. West Brom cost Dele Alli the rest of his season?

No, Dele. No!

Dele Alli is a fantastic footballer. Anyone who watches him play for five minutes can tell you that much. But he also has a bit of a temper. We've seen instances of it rearing its ugly head this season. In Monday's huge match against West Brom it happened again.

In a tussle with a West Brom player, Alli gave him a little jab to the stomach with his hand and even had a little kick out. The referee, his assistant, and the linesmen all missed it and he wasn't punished, but retroactive punishment could come down by the FA if they deem it to be violent conduct. It that were to be the case, the punishment for it is a three-match suspension which would effectively end the youngster's season right in the middled of the title race. He has to hope that's not the case and be more intelligent out on the pitch.