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Son Heung-Min takes over Spurs TV, hilarity ensues

A day in the life

Spurs TV is back with another one of their quirky and wacky videos. This time Son Heung-Min takes over the channel and camera to give us a behind the scenes look at a morning training session. There's a lot to dissect in this short 2+ minute video. But, I will not rest until every aspect of this life-altering video is explained.

  • First of all, and I'm not a pro, but is the extreme music and editing necessary? Maybe it is. I'm just a guy behind a computer, what do I know?
  • Kevin Wimmer and Sonny start us off with a tour of the facilities where everyone seems nice and friendly. That is except for Danny Rose, who is NOT a morning person. I bet he's the type of guy that has to have his coffee before he can have human interaction in the morning. Been there, Danny.
  • Then we're greeted with hugs from Nacer Chadli. Because, why not?
  • More crabby Danny Rose. SOMEONE GET HIM SOME COFFEE, STAT.
  • Next we see the Dele Alli who pretends to be hosting an episode of Cribs. Whoa there. Dele. The kids watching this won't understand your obscure Noughties reference.
  • Apparently Kieran Trippier's nickname is "Little Trippier". That's...unoriginal.
  • COOL GUY HANDSHAKES. I used to have those in middle school. Then I turned 14.
  • Random dancing and staring at the camera? Check.
  • Kevin Wimmer hair check? Check.
  • Harry Kane does not want to be a part of these shenanigans. Do you blame him?
  • We end with a random dude on a trainer's table. A little mystery to go with your entertaining social content? Don't mind if we do...

And that's the video. Thanks for playing along.