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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links April 7, 2016

In which I get romantic.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Good morning!

I miss Sandro. There I said it. Remember when he scored his first goal for Spurs against Chelsea and he did that weird bird dance while Harry Redknapp yelled at him? Or maybe when he played one of his first full games in a Tottenham shirt at the San Siro (when that was still a scary proposition) and we pulled the famous 1-0 result against an Ibra lead Milan.

I could go on and include all the fun performances on the pitch or Spurs TV, but he was so much more than a player for us, he was a cult figure. How cool would it be to get him back for our last year at the Lane with Champions League football? And this most certainly is the nostalgia talking. I haven't watched him play once this year and don't want to because reality could ruin this little fairy tale I have concocted in my imagination.

And now for the "news"

Dominic Ball open to Rangers return| Glasgow Evening Times

I'm glad Dominic is open to this, but I'm not. To channel our glorious Scottish pundits, the level of quality in Scottish football is shocking. Absolutely shocking. He needs to do better than the SPL.

Tottenham target also being tracked by Roma| Express

Here is hoping this Belgian doesn't waffle with this Italian interest and comes to the right side of North London over the summer. Or doesn't. Whatever.

MLS Player of the Week: Kaká| SB Nation Soccer

Speaking of things that used to be good in Milan.