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5 Vines to sum up Dele Alli's season

As the season winds down with one more match to play, it's important to reflect on all the great things that have happened for Spurs. One of the most entertaining things to witness this season has been the growth of Dele Alli. The youngster has gone from unknown lower league signing to one of the brightest young talents in the world in a matter of nine months.

Of course there have been some bumps along the way, like the incident that is forcing him to miss the last three matches but for the most part it's been nothing but a treat to watch him show off his skill.

Here are five Vines that sum up Dele Alli's season:

1. Hello, Dele.

Yes, Dele Alli's skills have been fun to watch but it's also his infectious personality that has made him a fan favorite at White Hart Lane. Any time he's around a camera he lights up anyone around him. Nothing personifies this more than his trademarked wave.

2. Goodbye, Luka.

During preseason is when Spurs supporters really got their first glimpse of just how talented Alli actually was. He's become the nutmeg king throughout this season, going through some of the Premier League's best player's legs with the ball like it's nothing. But his nutmeg rampage really began with our old friend Luka Modric during a preseason tournament.

3. Hello, England.

Most Tottenham Hotspur supporters recognized Alli's talent from very early on in the season. It wasn't until his first international goal for England that world started to take notice. In his first ever start for his country, the kid goes and scores a stunning goal against Hugo Lloris and France.

4. The Highlights

This season has seen Dele Alli pull off some jaw-dropping skills and goals. Here are a few of the best ones.

5. The Goal

And of course, no Dele Alli highlight reel is complete without THE goal. It was the strike heard around the world. In January against Crystal Palace, the youngster shook the entire football community with this piece of individual brilliance that will be played on any montage that is ever made throughout his career.