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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 12, 2016

Let's go shopping

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Good morning!

Who is ready for silly season? It's crazy, right? This whole playing matches every week thing is almost done and, while we have Copa America and the Euros to watch, club football is about to go on summer hiatus.

Yesterday was fun with Saúl being linked to us for over 100,000 pounds a week, which would make him the highest earner on our squad, and by some margin, until Harry Kane gets a deal. Today we were linked to again to a Barcelona man who has been deemed excess to requirement. And I'm hoping for tomorrow to be someone from Real Madrid, just for the symmetry.

Usually, my feelings about silly season ebb and flow, but I can't say I'm looking forward to this silly season, honestly, if only because so many people are going to expect us to pull in the top level transfers that are still very hard to land without offering top level wages.

That being said, let's buy Gareth back and convince Varane to be our third center half.

And now for the "news":

Sandro's namesake is on Tottenham's radar| Sport

Tell him to bring some goals and a case of Catalonia red.

Suarez going back to Barça, blow for Spurs| Inside Futbol

Some day we'll watch it, the Suarez connection, the bought-back, the biters, and me.

Becks: I like Dele Alli because he has no fear|

And they both have a history of lashing out at Argentine opposition, making the bond unbreakable. They alive dammit.

Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight isn't a thing| MMA Fighting

And unless you believe the Green Bay Packers and the West Indian National Cricket team are going to play for the Champions League final, you should know better. Aside from them representing two different sports with very different sanctioning bodies, I'm so happy audiences other than football fans are getting trolled by The Sun straight making things up.

Cam Newton has an Nickelodeon show with lots of Olympian cameos| NBC Sports

But he's an ass**** who dabbed after a touchdown. Never forget that national tragedy.