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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 13, 2016


Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Good morning!

Last Hoddle of the regular season and it's time to reflect. I think we all felt hope this season that we've never felt before; it was real. We, of course, also felt the force of the disappointment, too. Those are emotions. I'm going to reflect on a relationship.

There are a handful of people affiliated with this site, writers and commenters, that I watch games with regularly. They've heard me be cynical, and shriek with joy. We've argued, and we've laughed. They have not been there since the beginning, though. That's been Ben, and Ben alone.

I moved away from my hometown last August and, in turn, my only consistent source of in real life Spurs camaraderie. We happen to be friends through and through, not only because of Spurs, but it has been a hallmark of our friendship. We still text on a weekly basis, and at one point, I messaged that we've lived to see us as the best team in England. And it's true, even if we aren't champions. We've been lucky enough to have a team make us cheer for them as we cheered for our heroes when we were young.

I know that distance is only a mindset, but I wish I could watch with him on Sunday to close out the season. For old time's sake.

And now for the "news":

Tottenham round-up| Squawka

Squawka is paying someone to do Spurs transfer round-ups and links? I challenge their writers to a tag team ladder match: me and Salmon versus their whole crew.

Mauricio will get 60 million pounds to spend| Daily Mail

I tend to think that's what he can spend total, not the net spend after possible Chadli or Mason sales, or players like them. I can't see our net spend being much higher than 30 million with stadium bills to pay.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price misses more races| NBC Sports

Debilitating hand cramping from writing autographs is a real threat, kids. Don't let it, or excessive hyphenization, happen to you.