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Mauricio Pochettino calls lunch with Alex Ferguson "a dream come true"

See? Nothing to worry about!

Manchester United v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Remember that time a couple days ago when we were all collectively freaking out because Mauricio Pochettino was photographed leaving a London restaurant with Sir Alex Ferguson and everyone thought he was going to bail for Manchester United? That was awesome.

Poche came out and talked about the so-called "secret meeting," which Spurs officials knew about and endorsed. He called the lunch "a dream come true" and that the luncheon was nothing but a chance for him to talk to one of the greatest football managers, ever.

“[The lunch meeting] was fantastic. It was a dream come true because when I was younger and at the start of my career, he was my inspiration, my reference. And when you can share two hours with the person who is one of the greatest managers in the world of all time you must enjoy it.

“I wanted time to stop, but of course that is impossible. It was fantastic.”

Of course, that's what he wants you to think, right? Surely this was all a veiled and brazen attempt for the former United boss to poach one of the hottest coaching commodities in the Premier League and simultaneously stick the shiv in the back of Manchester United chairman Ed Woodward, with whom he is not-so-privately feuding, right? Not so, said Poche.

“Did he say ‘Come to Manchester?’ No he didn’t. If you know Sir Alex Ferguson, he is a person that we can all learn from because he has a fantastic history about football, and about life."

See? Nothing to worry about. There have been numerous reports that the two managers form a mutual admiration society, and as we pointed out before, if there really was to be a nefarious secret meeting to recruit Pochettino to United, it very likely would have been, well, secret, and not held at Scott's, a high-end and high profile seafood restaurant near Buckingham Palace.

Poche has said that he wants to create a legacy at Tottenham the way Fergie did at United. This meeting seemed to be nothing more than two managers picking each others' brains and enjoying the company.

Don't think that this, or Poche's new contract with Spurs, will stop the rumors linking him to United, though. I mean, are you crazy?