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Dele Alli can't stop nutmegging his Tottenham teammates

I can't stop watching this video. OH HI, NACER.

Dele Alli waves. Hi, Dele!

So Dele Alli is suspended until next season, which is a bummer since that means that Spurs fans can't see him nutmegging opponents on the pitch until late July. But if you think that means he's not still out there perfecting his bantering skills on his unsuspecting teammates, you're completely mistaken.

Started as a nutmeg and turned into a dance off @nc22back @jvertonghen

A video posted by Dele Alli (@delealli36) on

This video is like a Bollywood movie and confirms everything I suspected about Dele Alli. He's not only the kind of person who goes around randomly nutmegging people, but he'll pick his target carefully, stalk him, and nutmeg him without him even noticing. AND THEN THERE'S A RANDOM NACER CHADLI DAB.

It makes you wonder: whom else has Dele Alli randomly nutmegged in Spurs' training complex? Eric Dier, of course. Harry Kane? Probably. Jesus Perez? Daniel Levy? I bet he's nutmegged Daniel Levy. Hey Dele, can we make a request that you get a video of yourself stalking and nutmegging Daniel Levy? That'd be great, thanks.