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Harry Kane's new kids toy range is finally here!

A couple of weeks ago a video snippet of a teaser for Harry Kane's upcoming range of kids toys emerged. We had some fun imagining what type of toys it could possibly include.

The Premier League Golden Boot winner is undoubtedly amazing at scoring goals. But if you've ever wondered why it's always Dele Alli, Eric Dier, or Hueng-Min Son doing all the SpursTV spots and not Kane, this should help you understand. The full video tutorial for his "skills ball" has been released onto the world:

It's safe to say that Kane won't be adding an Academy Awards to his collection of golden trophies anytime soon.

The range of toys will also include a "volley blaster." Here's a taste of what that looks like:

Athletes do all types of interesting endorsements and adverts. It's nice to see a Spurs player use their popularity and stardom for something good like helping the kids.