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Fan banner proves Chelsea fans are worried about losing to Spurs

This is confirmation that Chelsea fans think Spurs have a pretty good team.

Chelsea Press Conference Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Hey, did you know that Chelsea fans really don't like Tottenham? It's true! And to their credit, Stamford Bridge is one of the last venues in the Premier League where Spurs have a long-standing tradition of not winning. It's been nearly 26 years since Spurs last won a league match there (though they did have that 5-1 drubbing over the Blues in the semi-finals of the 2002 League Cup – managed by Claudio Ranieri, no less #neverforget).

But don't tell Chelsea fans that. Today, a couple of enterprising supporters got to Stamford Bridge early and essentially issued an ultimatum in banner form to manager Guus Hiddink: don't lose to Tottenham.

See, I love stuff like this. Considering Chelsea's dominance for the past 2 1/2 decades, do you think in most seasons that Blues fans would find it necessary to print a ginormous banner warning their manager not to lose to Tottenham? I don't think so. They wouldn't need to display their insecurities on a 20 foot banner outside their home stadium, because this match would be a foregone conclusion. Not anymore.

This may be an extremely back-handed compliment, but it's still a compliment. Spurs are a very good team, and Chelsea fans know it. They're worried, and when you can't rely on dominance, you have to fall back on #banter. Let's kick their teeth in.