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Mousa Dembele could face suspension for poking Diego Costa in the eye

And Mauricio Pochettino might get in trouble too.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Things got, if you'll pardon the understatement, a mite chippy at the end of the first half between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Just moments after Danny Rose fouled Willian by the near sideline, a scrum broke out. Both Tottenham and Chelsea players got involved... and so did Mauricio Pochettino, who came onto the pitch to get in between Rose and Willian.

But that wasn't the end of it. In the midst of the scuffle, Mousa Dembele squared up to Diego Costa, who had been doing Diego Costa things all half, and actually poked him in the eye.


Match official Mark Clattenburg completely missed Dembele's eye-poking moment because he was presumably trying desperately to regain control of a match that went completely haywire very early. But that doesn't mean that Dembele won't get in trouble. This was quite clearly a red card worthy offense. As we saw with the Dele Alli suspension, it's quite possible that the FA will review this footage and retroactively give Dembele a ban for this incident.

Pochettino might be in trouble too. Although the video makes it look like he was trying to keep the peace between the players, as a manager you just can't go onto the field and put your hands on a player. Ever. It wouldn't shock anyone if Poche gets a touchline ban.

Additionally, the FA could come back and charge both clubs for failure to control their players, and they'd be well within their rights to do so. However, the real person at fault for this is Mark Clattenburg. After he let a few yellow card worthy challenges go, the match quickly spiraled out of control. Willing to bet nothing happens to him, though.