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David Ginola recovering well after quadruple bypass surgery

The former Tottenham star collapsed at a golf tournament yesterday, and is expected to recover fully after surgery.

BT Sport Industry Awards Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images for BT Sport Industry Awards

Yesterday, David Ginola collapsed in hot weather at a golf tournament in Monaco and was rushed to a French hospital. Initial reports suggested that he had some sort of cardic incident, but later reports indicated that it wasn't as serious, implying something similar to heat stroke.

The end result was somewhat of a combination of the two. Today, the Mail reports that Ginola is "fine" after undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery in France. Ginola's surgeon said in a statement that

"He arrived in a catastrophic state," the surgeon said. "He was unconscious and did not remember anything.

"But it is going well. I have been able to talk to him. He does not show any neurological after-effects.

"He did not have a heart attack but he had very complicated coronary lesions which required us to perform a quadruple bypass. We began the operation at 1900 and finished between 0100 and 0130 (local time, from 1800 to between midnight and 0030 BST)."

Source: Daily Mail

It may not have been a heart attack, but that's scary as hell. Ginola, for what it's worth, tweeted to his fans that he's doing fine, thank you very much.

Ginola, a French national, is a legend for both Tottenham and Newcastle United. He made 100 appearances as a forward for Spurs between 1997 and 2000, scoring 13 goals, and is fondly remembered for his play during his tenure at White Hart Lane.

Best wishes to Ooh-aah-Ginola as he makes his recovery!