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Harry Kane is still the best keeper in England

He saves when he waaaaants... he saves when he waaaaaa-aaaaaaants...

It's not all scrimmages and keepy-uppies at the England camp these days. At the end of today's England national team training, Tottenham Hotspur buddies Harry Kane and Dele Alli decided to have a little friendly penalty shoot-out, with Kane in goal. The results... well, they might surprise you.

BOOM! That's three shots from Alli, and three saves for Harry Kane. The most impressive thing is that Kane didn't even use his hands! Which might be for the best considering the LAST time he had to put the keeper's gloves on.

Cast your memory back to 2014: Spurs were up 5-0 on Asteras Tripolis in the Europa League at White Hart Lane when Hugo Lloris was sent off for clattering into an Asteras attacker while rushing out of goal. Since Spurs had already used all three subs, there was nothing to do but to put Kane in goal for the resulting free kick.

It didn't go as planned.

Based on this England video, however, the Three Lions could be in safe, er, hands if that particular disaster scenario should ever come up in next month's EUROs.

Harry Kane: still the best keeper in England.