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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 25, 2016

And then there was Wednesday

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Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Good morning!

Let's play a game in honor of England probably playing 4-4-2 with Wayne Rooney as some sort of midfielder.

If we had to sign two strikers to play with Harry Kane, leaving us with three strikers, but only two of the three could actually play striker, who would you sign, and where would you play them? I'm restricting you all to a 4-4-2, so this doesn't become an ode to esoteric, long forgotten formations you read about in Jonathan Wilson's Inverting the Pyramid.

We get it. You're all football nerds.

The game stands. Three strikers must play. Who are the three, and where does the odd man out play?

And now for the "news":

Barcelona releases Sandro Ramirez, a guy Tottenham reportedly want to sign| Sports Mole

And proceed to throw some shade into the press release announcing it. That's cold.

Jenas: I was wrong; Rooney must start for England| Yahoo Sport

He ghosted past three players in the FA Cup final like those defenders were glorified Championship players or something!


Kane ready to dig deep for England place| Sky Sports

"I dig, therefore I buzz."-Harry Kane, mouth agape, 2016

Paul Scholes is excited by this England team| Daily Mail

If only because he knows that Eric Dier, if properly motivated, will put in crazy tackles, continuing the Ginger Prince's lineage.

Djokovic calls Olympics "fifth grand slam"| NBC Sports

Which has seen me put on my shoes with a clear need for Denny's. Jokes be damned.