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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 26, 2016

Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Good morning!

It's analogy time. I like the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt because it's so weird. The characters don't really make any sense, they're all misfits through and through. That doesn't stop them from finding each other, some of them after being locked in a bunker, banding together, and making the best of it.

Forgive the analogy of Tim Sherwood's reign being like our collective time spent in "the bunker", and I think our current squad is much like the cast and characters of my beloved, weird show. Whether it's Erik Lamela's rebirth as an ankle-nipping press master or Eric Dier as a holding midfielder, all while conducting a very public bromance with Dele Alli.

The question now is which players on our weird, making it work when maybe it shouldn't Tottenham squad correspond to what characters on the show?

And now for the "news":

Eric Dier says England must be 'streetwise' at Euros| Guardian

And then he talks about the Chelsea match in which "things happened before". Eric Dier is "chat s***, get banged" actualized in an actual human being.

Dele Alli set to be an Adidas poster boy| Daily Mail

If they don't create a line of boots called "The Nutmeg", they don't deserve jobs over there.

Spurs sign a kit deal with Nike| Mirror

The Mirror also goes on to point out that it's less than Chelsea got. Classic banter, but know this. My career goal is now to work for Nike, become a shirt developer, and by 2020 have Chelsea's third kit be brown, or as I will call it, the "Where Were You When You Were S***" Kit.

The NBA Playoffs are a thing and people are writing about it| SB Nation Basketball

Remember when OKC was the next best thing two years ago? Then the fickle public forgot because they wanted to be Steph Curry's best friend, but now Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are seemingly taking their games to the next level and I think that's a great story.