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DeAndre Yedlin destroyed an Ecuador player's ankles with this move

The United States men's national team beat Ecuador last night in a friendly. Tottenham Hotspur property DeAndre Yedlin had a standout performance in the win. He was very respectable in defense going against a Premier League caliber winger in Jefferson Montero.

Yedlin also played a hand in the match's only goal, a late winner by Darlington Nagbe. This move to get free on the wing will give this defender nightmares for years to come:

There's just no coming back from that as a professional soccer player. He now has to retire and become an accountant or something. Such a shame.

Yedlin has spent the past season on loan with Sunderland and has improved his defensive acumen during that time. He's now returned to Spurs for the upcoming season. Whether or not he stays is a mystery, but what is certain is that he's a much improved player from the one that the club bought in 2014.