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WATCH: Tour the site of Tottenham's future home

Is it 2018 yet?

Tottenham Hotspur are getting a new stadium. White Hart Lane is amazing and iconic, but times are a changin'. New and innovative technology exists now and it's just time for one of the biggest clubs in the world to have a stadium that fits their profile.

SpursTV have given us an cool tour of the construction site where the new 61,000 seat, state of the art stadium will be constructed.

Walk along as you follow a construction worker around and experience their routine day that includes going a great distance up in the air on a regular basis.

From the vantage point of the crane you can clearly see the outline of the new stadium’s exterior. Spurs are already pouring concrete for the substrate and it’s expected that the external walls will start going up soon. Maybe the biggest takeaway from this, apart is the fact that being a construction worker is apparently both cool and terrifying, is that it really hammers home how much bigger the new White Hart Lane will be compared to the existing stadium.

Being a construction worker has to be one of the most bravest professions in the world. I get nervous about potential comment sections while righting a questionable article. Imagine having to climb and operate at hundreds of feet in the sky on a daily basis. These folks are the real heroes.

This new stadium will undoubtedly be a modern marvel of architecture. It's kinda cool to see what it all looks like before it is built.