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Guus Hiddink pushed to the ground in post-match scrum at Stamford Bridge

And Danny Rose looks like he was in the middle of it.

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

The camera caught a lot of hard play during the Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur match, but here's one thing the TV didn't pick up. As the Spurs and Blues players made their way to the tunnel and back to the dressing rooms after today's draw, another shoving match broke out just outside the tunnel entrance. The end result was Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink being pushed to the ground and into a row of seats pitch-side. He was quickly attended to by match stewards as the players near him continued to yell and shove.

There's a lot to analyze here. First of all, never never take portrait-oriented video, random Chelsea fan, turn your phone to the side. Secondly, I'm sure if you'd take the time to Zapruder the video both sets of supporters could find evidence that "proves" that the other team's players were at fault for the shove that sent Hiddink to the floor. On first glance, Danny Rose seems to be involved, but it's not clear whether it was intentional or accidental contact. It's Danny, so either is possible, but I'm choosing to believe he was shoved into Hiddink.

I'm also certain that the FA will take the time to review this footage and see if anything can be gleaned from it. And, knowing the FA, they will derive entirely the wrong conclusions and end up just issuing blanket punishments for everyone (or no one), because that's pretty much what the FA does. There's are almost certainly a ban coming for Mousa Dembele, and players like Eric Dier, Kyle Walker, and Erik Lamela may have their actions scrutinized as well. Add this video to the list.

In the end, it really doesn't matter. Tempers were bound to flare up after such a hotly contested game that was littered with inept officiating and hard fouling. Is anyone surprised that things boiled over as the teams came together again? Unfortunately, 70 year old Guus Hiddink ended up getting the worst of it in this instance.

I can't find any indications online that Hiddink was injured in the fall. My dad is 70 and I wouldn't want him going into a row of seats. I hope Guus is ok.