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ESPN hilariously reports that "Tottenham won the EPL"

He said it on national TV so that makes it true, right?

ESPN The Party - Inside Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN

Did you hear? Leicester City won the Premier League yesterday, and sports news media all over the world, including in the United States, were breathless with anticipation to cover the news of their fairy-tale championship.

Take it away, ESPN's SportsCenter!


Criticizing the Worldwide Leader for an announcer making a slip of the tongue on a SportsCenter broadcast would be a little disingenuous. Live television is hard, man. Mistakes happen, though quite honestly I'd consider it more of a mistake to send it to Darren Rovell for "reaction" to a soccer story than it is to say the wrong English club on an American sports broadcast.

That said, I hope this clip stays on YouTube forever. Whenever I'm feeling down about sports, or life in general, I can always just turn this back on and take myself back to an alternate universe where Tottenham won the Premier League, Leicester are irrelevant, and Arsenal get relegated after losing their final match to Aston Villa.

Don't take this dream away from me.