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WATCH: All 95 goals Tottenham Hotspur scored during the 2015-16 season

Another Premier League season has come and gone. Despite ending on a sour note, Tottenham Hotspur have a lot to look back on and be proud of. They were contenders for the title all the way up until the final two matches. Doing so with one of the youngest teams in the league.

Some might say the young squad played a role in how the club fell apart at the end of the season, causing them to finish third in the table. They might have a point, but it's just a part of maturing as a team. There's no reason to expect this side will be any worse come next season. The younger players will improve and the outlook for next season looks as good as any Spurs team has ever had.

Before we get to next season, let's take a look back at 2015-16 by reliving every goal the club scored. From Dele Alli's wondergoal to all of Harry Kane's strikes that earned him the Premier League golden boot. While we all want to forget how the season ended, it's important to remember just how good Spurs were and how good they're going to be in the future.