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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 31, 2016

When does a Tuesday feel like a Monday?

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Good morning!

Sitting here on a Monday evening, stuffed full of BBQ and beer, I'm lamenting the start of another work week. The old Sunday evening blues; when the realization that everything good about the weekend will soon be ending as another week of labor begins.

It seems certain careers feel this more than others. Teachers, for one, feel it because they have to get up so early and are thrown into a virtual sea of humanity at varying stages of development. Quite the shock to the system after a weekend. Customer service people, too, have awful transitions to make as baking bread or reading a nice novel are replaced by unhappy customers taking out all of their anger aimed at a brand or corporation on the only human form they can find to do so.

Which leads me to football. I wonder if footballers and front office people, the element of the game without 9-5 positions, have anything in the job that makes them feel their version of the Sunday blues. Does Daniel hate having to lowball the plumbers union, but feels he has a reputation to uphold? Or maybe Jan and Toby want to play a low block once in a while and just be able to take it easy this week.

Anyways, here's to getting over these Sunday (Monday actually) blues the best way any of us can, and maybe it's the Mediterranean culture thing coming out, but maybe good times aren't as good if there isn't a bit of melancholy as a point of contrast.

So here's to all of you out there as you enter into your workweek. May your blues be short-lived. Yes, even you, Daily Mail and Sun transfer reporters. Even you.

And now for the "news":

JJ sizes up the Tottenham impact on England| Independent

Additionally, Jermaine talks about how Dele Alli is perfect and need of no tweaking, guaranteed to be a European star after the tournament, and part of a Spurs dynasty. No word on how he will tear young Dele down after the Three Lions fail to pass the group stages.

David Ginola resting at home| Sky Sports

I assume Ginola never wears a shirt, which will make for some interesting conversations now with those scars. He'll make it sexy, I'm sure.

Was Mauricio scouting Riechedly Bazoer last week| Sports Mole

Mauricio should be scouting pub league games with midfielders who can stay with their man or break up play without flying into the tackle like a crazy person, so yes, I'd say he probably was scouting.

Zlatan to Spurs is the best thing ever| Express

Look into your heart; you know it to be true. Also //looks in both directions, whispers// we could maybe pay him more on a short-term deal because he has no transfer fee.

Alan Pulido fought for his freedom| BBC

And to do this while dressed like AC Slater is all the more impressive.