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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links May 6, 2016

Home is where the giant steel beam is.

Alex Morton/Getty Images

Good morning!

This new stadium thing is really happening, huh? While I always knew it was in theory, seeing the quotes and statements from various entities yesterday really drove the point home. It's not really sad, that's not the correct word, but it is a cause for reflection as an era of the club is coming to an end.

I do understand how many may feel a sense of melancholy, though, as the old ground closes up shop for its penultimate campaign after Southampton on Sunday. Bask in the memories, smile at the good times, and feel free to have a drink to blot out the bad, but remember this. According to Irish poet Seamus Heaney "If you have a strong first world and a strong set of relationships, then in some part of you, you are always free; you can walk the world because you know where you belong, you have some place to come back to."

We may bounce to Wembley and beyond in these next years, that is a fact. How we view that fact is not set, however, and may I suggest we embrace it as the adventure it is into this new, unknown era. To do otherwise would be to disagree with Mr. Heaney, and make it seem we don't know our place in this world. But as the saying goes, in a world full of Uniteds, Citys, and Rovers there is only one Hotspur. Tottenham Hotspur. And North London is ours.

Let's smash Saints on Sunday and close the gates in style this year, as we move closer to our beloved Lane's final act.

And now for the "news":

Harry Kane is going to make that paper| Mirror

Somehow this will make his very boring tweets about which Netflix shows he is watching even better, knowing he could be out partying with all the Beckys, with all the good hair.

Ossie thinks Spurs should be favorites| Express

His qualifier is that Mauricio comes back, which seems like a given. Most people will point to City or Chelsea mounting a comeback after poor years, but City are old, and Chelsea aren't that much younger. They both have buckets of money, though, so I'd make it a three team race for the top, provided we can strengthen this summer. Also, Liverpool are going to be top four contenders if Sturridge stays fit. I hope Arsenal finish sixth behind a crap, Mourinho managed United.

Mauricio to launch second bid to land Newcastle player| Express

Didn't think it was going to be him, right? Bielsa connection is there.

Allardyce: we cannot lose our cool like Tottenham| FourFourTwo

Of course not. You'll just lose your cool when crap players like Fabio Borini and Jack Rodwell miss the target from spitting distance. Because your players are garbage. Again, nothing like Tottenham. Thank you, though, for allowing our third choice right back to make his Premier League bones in your first team.

Youth player from Gremio scores a really wild goal| SB Nation Lookit

I fairly convinced the author of this social media piece doesn't know Gremio is in Brazil or what this kid did, IN A COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL MATCH, is virtually impossible, but I'm glad he found it on YouTube and shared.

Have a good Friday everyone.