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Play Fantasy Euro 2016 with Cartilage Free Captain!

Also known as “kick Menno’s butt in fantasy football.”

UEFA Euro 2016 Final Draw Ceremony Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Do you like fantasy football? I know you do. With the Euros starting on Friday, I thought it’d be fun to set up a Euro 2016 fantasy league over at, and all of you are welcome to join! Even Skipjack!

I suck at fantasy football. Like, really suck. And it’s mostly because I generally forget that I have a team by about week 10 or so. I go into it with tall intentions and high expectations, but it invariably leads to me realizing “oh yeah, I haven’t set my lineup in about five weeks.”

But this one is perfect, since it’s so self contained. The Euros last about a month, and despite having multiple games per day, it’s still a doable thing for me. I’m ready to kick all y’all’s butts.

If you've played fantasy Premier League, then you’re already probably familiar with how it works. You have a budget, and you “draft” players to fill your team without going over your budget. Points are awarded based on the performance of those players that you put in your lineup.

So let’s have some fun! Join UEFA Fantasy’s game page, and join the Cartilage Free Capt. group. The league code is 96671VGL. Be sure and join before the first match on Friday!