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Watch Hugo Lloris make an incredible save to deny Romania a goal in Euro 2016

Hugo is amazing.

Hugo Lloris is amazing. Playing for and captaining France in the first match of the 2016 European Championships, most people expected that he wouldn’t have a whole lot to do against a Romanian team that isn’t the most highly regarded side in the tournament.

Most people thought wrong. Hugo stopped a point blank shot off of a Romanian corner just a couple of minutes into the match to keep the score 0-0. And it was glorious.

Credit: dekabreak on /r/coys

Tottenham Hotspur fans know all about Hugo Lloris and his ability to make amazing reaction stops: they've seen Hugo make these kinds of saves on the regular.

But perhaps a lot of Europe doesn’t know just how good Hugo is. Well, now they do. Thus far, France’s back line has looked a little porous in the early goings of this match. Thankfully, France has Hugo between the sticks to bail them out.

Keep going, Hugo!