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Eric Dier scores late free kick to give England lead over Russia

It took 73 minutes for England to get ahead of Russia in their opening match at Euro 2016. The Three Lions won a free kick right outside of the penalty area and had a great chance to break the scoreless deadlock. With Harry Kane standing over the ball everyone in the stadium believed he'd be the one to have a go. Instead he stepped over the ball and his Tottenham Hotspur teammate Eric Dier struck a curling effort over the wall a past the goalkeeper.

via r/Soccer

Dier is not particularly known for his set piece prowess and with players like Kane and Wayne Rooney in the team you wouldn't put your money on him being the one to bang in a free kick. Some may say the goalkeeper could've done better with the shot being so close to him, but you have to give credit to Dier for getting it on goal and deceiving everyone.

It's always great to see Spurs players performing at the highest international level. This is undoubtedly one of the best moments of Dier's young career.