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DeAndre Yedlin sent off after picking up two quick yellows against Paraguay in Copa America 2016

Two quick yellows consign Tottenham’s reserve fullback to an early shower.

Guatemala v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifer Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

DeAndre Yedlin was having a halfway decent Copa America for USA. Throughout USA’s first two matches, Yedlin was showing his amazing speed and ability to get forward. Now things have unravelled in Philadelphia after Yedlin picked up two quick yellow cards in less than a minute and was sent off in USA’s match against Paraguay.

The first yellow card on Yedlin was, at first glance, incredibly harsh. It was a very hard challenge, yes, but Yedlin most certainly got the ball, and you’d like to think that most refs wouldn't have given him a yellow there.

The second card? Yellow all day. Totally reckless, and a completely stupid thing for Yedlin to do, especially considering that he had just picked up a cheap yellow not even minute earlier. Yedlin might consider himself lucky after he got away with elbowing a Paraguayan player in the face in the first half, though.

This hurts the USA, even if they’re able to hold on against Paraguay. Should they advance, Yedlin will definitely miss USA’s first knock-out match. It’s quite possible that DeAndre Yedlin might have played his last match in the Copa America.