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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 13, 2016

The new week begins

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Good morning!

Warning: if you don't want a message of peace, just skip to the links. And, no, I'm not a hippie; how dare you?

The last three days have been dominated by news of all varieties of violence, even by a violent world's standards. This is just a friendly reminder that things do not have to go on the way they have simply because that is the standard. We each have the agency to be decent to each other despite our differences.

We're alive, and if we care, we can take action. Just last month I signed on to be a Big Brother with Big Brother & Big Sister because me feeling guilty about not giving back wasn't particularly useful. I hope, when I find out who my little is, to share my love of football with them and take them out for kickabouts and the such. I hope they are open to watching football matches from time to time, and maybe, fingers crossed, they'll love Tottenham, too. As much as I really don't like some of our rivals, I would be happy if he chose one of them to support, if he doesn't already have a team, because it isn't about hate, it's about the sharing of the things we love.

Trust me, I understand that love for football is not the most important in the world, but it's something, and so much better than the alternative of anger, isolation, and regret. I encourage you all to find a way to spread love (football or otherwise) to your friends, family, and community today and in the future. That's our only hope.

And if we indoctrinate a few of the youth into that Lilywhite life, so be it.

And now for the "news":

Tottenham man has the look of a captain| Sky Sports

I like to imagine Jamie Redknapp giving this interview in the bowels of a stadium, Eric Dier looking on, while Dier scrolls through things Redknapp has said about Spurs over the years at Sky.

And yes, I realize that I just gave an anti-violence pitch in the Hoddle. But this is a pundit we're talking about. Using "human" here is a most liberal application of the term.

Dier: I'm no Beckenbauer| Express

"I'm just an Englishman, raised in Portugal, brought back to England by Spurs, trying to do his part for his country, when everyone else but my Spurs mates seems to be a bit of a bottler."-Eric Dier, probably

Ryan Mason in Hull City's sights| Hull Daily Mail

It's literally in the bylaws of their club charter that Hull cannot pass up making a bid on an ex-Tottenham midfielder. Go on and look if you don't believe me.

Draymond Green just wants to let you know he's there| NBC Sports

I always preferred trash talking to smashing genitalia when going for the mental edge. Call me old fashioned.

Pjanic in the streets of Torino?| NBC Sports

No, that most certainly does not have a good ring to it. Dammit, Juve. Dammit Miralem. Why couldn't you give us the headline we've deserved for so long.