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WATCH: Dele Alli and Eric Dier play The Newlywed Game sort of

How well do the BFF's know each other?

Remember The Newlywed Game? It was a popular game show that began in the 1960's that tested the knowledge of newly married couples. Each spouse would answer questions about the other over what their favorite things were or random trivia about their lives. It was great. Easily one of the best ideas for a TV game show ever. The unintended comedic factor and awkwardness was fantastic.

While in England camp, FATV thought it would be a great idea to have the Spurs BFF's (TM) play a variation of that style of game that they called "Roomates." Each had to answer five questions about each other. Here's how it played out:

This is just great. This deserves it's own 30-minute block on TV every week of the year. 'Dele and Dier Do Things' should be the name of the show. Tell me you wouldn't watch every minute of every episode. Both are so lovable and their friendship is so natural. I want to watch them all the time. But not in a creepy way or anything.