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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 14, 2016

Fighting for a place in the team

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Good morning!

In honor of our combative, non-European Championship midfielder who is making waves by saying crazy things today, I present Vince Staples "Norf Norf". You can take the fun little chorus of "I ain't never ran from nothin' but the police" two ways in ol' Ryan's case.

A) He's up for the challenge of regaining his starting spot, not resigning himself to life on the bench or elsewhere in England (because omg can you imagine him going abroad again). Blood, thunder, and bravado all the way.


B) Maybe he should run from things sometimes because he is kind of bad at tackling. Sometimes running from a possible challenge is good because he'll get into passing lanes, preventing huge chances.

Anyways, I like to imagine our number eight (side trivia: can you name our last four to wear that number) roaming around the training ground spitting these lyrics, scenes of Tottenham and North London in his head. Lyrics aren't, like, the worst ever, but they're pretty raw. I'll label it NSFW just to be vigilant.

And now for the "news":

Ryan Mason: I'm ready to battle Dembele and Alli for starts| Daily Star

Collymore: Dele Alli can be Paul Pogba's equal| Mirror

What did our precocious midfielder ever do to make Stan put an earthly ceiling like this on him?

DeAndre Yedlin a matured figure for the U.S. this Copa|

[Smash cut to a editorial meeting]

Writer: How are we going to run this piece, given his red card the other night?

Editor: What red card?

[The pair smile and nod there head. Fade to black.]

Dutch guy says very Dutch things about Vincent Janssen possibly moving to Tottenham| IBTimes

Dutch people are really an amazing evolution of humanity when you get right to it.


We did it, ma! Three "Vince" references in one article.


Ireland and Sweden fans sing ABBA together| SB Nation Lookit

Today, we were all Dancing Queens, no matter how stupid that song actually is.

Game of Thrones Scorecard: "No One"| SB Nation

Yo, it's a scorecard. There are going to be spoilers in this. Don't read it if you don't want it spoiled. And to the rest of you, hold the f***** door against spoilers, ok?