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Christian Eriksen responded to the EPL schedule release in the most millennial way possible

The 2016-17 Barclay's Premier League schedule released on Wednesday. You can see the whole thing here. As per usual, we here at CFC gave our reaction to the fixtures. Apparently November is going to be a really tough month or something.

Well, players are no different. Tottenham Hotspur released this video today of Christian Eriksen responding to the schedule release like a 15-year-old kid. Through text messages, of course!

According to the eloquent Eriksen, Spurs' home match against Liverpool in August is "hashtag cracker, fist emoji." Dynamite analysis, sir.

The Danish midfielder goes on to describe the home match against defending champions Leceister City in October as "hashtag payback time, angry emoji."

To be frank, I'm not quite sure why blogs even exist when you can get expert analysis like this from the players themselves. Not only are they world-class athletes but they are top pundits too. Life isn't fair.