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Harry Kane received a karate kick to the face by Portugal's Bruno Alves

My God...

England are playing Portugal today in what was supposed to be a random friendly to help each side warm up for the upcoming European Championships in a week. However, someone must have told Portugal defender Bruno Alves that it was a wrestling match instead.

Our very own Harry Kane learned the hard way that a forehead is no match for the studs of a boot as Alves went full-on Hulk Hogan. The only thing left for Alves to do was to rip his shirt off and land a leg drop for the 1-2-3.

Thankfully the referee had enough sense to give the defender a red card and send him off. It's absolutely ridiculous that something like this would happen in a friendly. Fortunately for England and our fluttering hearts, Kane was fine after the incident. It takes more than a Hogan boot to the face to keep our man Harry down.