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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 21, 2016

In which I reflect...wait, come back! Please don't go!!

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Good morning!


After just looking at the comments for yesterday's Hoddle, I realize some people thought I spoiled a certain show, even though my main intention was for people not to spoil. Sorry if I spoiled it, but if in the future, you ever see me write the word "spoiler" and don't read what comes next if you are currently watching something you don't want spoiled! With a large visual, I understand that may be difficult, and I'll make the proper adjustments.

As tribute, I will give you a list of the Tottenham Hotspur related spoilers from my #THFCCrystalBall you didn't even know you had to avoid yet.

1. Eric Dier will combine his love of pointing and winning football matches by scoring a direct free kick after "calling his shot" a la the great Babe Ruth. Afterwards, he will hit the trifecta of things he loves by scaring the media member tasked to interview him with a cold, unblinking stare.

2. Andros Townsend will return to the Lane, now with Manchester City, and pay his respects by running to row Z and bowing his head. When raising it back, he will lock eyes with Roman Pavlyuchenko. Simultaneously, they will utter "I knew you would come."

3. Erik Lamela will start dressing like Ricky Villa in an effort to channel his mazy, FA Cup goal mojo, and record his own version of "Ossie's Dream", called "Erik's Dream". We will all act like none of it is happening.

4. Harry Kane will play a match with his mouth closed, ending global climate change by letting the rest of us living organisms get some oxygen for once.

And now that I'm done predicting and spoiling the future, the "news":

Spurs boys run the most in the PL| Mirror

Work, work, work, work, work...

Eric Dier reminds Jamie Carragher of Roy Keane| Squawka

"Lads, it's Spurs" now means neat and tidy, but with a boot full of Erik and Eric's studs up your a***.


Also, if all rumors are to be believed, I'd like to welcome a certain midfielder to our Lilywhite way of life. Oh, never mind, I see he has already familiarized himself.

What we learned for WWE Money in the Bank 2016| SB Nation Wrestling

Don't run a pay per view against Game 7 in the NBA Finals and a highly anticipated HBO series event. That's what.

Game of Thrones Scorecard: BotB

Young man, violence, center of his own attention...don't call him *******, the sword he keeps will remind him