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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 23, 2016

We don't always get what we want

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Good morning!

As always, Tottenham Hotspur are going to miss out on signings this summer. Nothing new there. What is different under this regime, however, is that there seem to be many targets for all positions of need and some genuine gamesmanship by the front office, Dan Levy included, to put rivals off the scent of who we really want to sign.

For example, we were rumored to be hot on the trail of strikers Michy and Vincent Janssen, only to find out we are reportedly agreeing to terms with a different striker, Antonio Sanabria. If we actually sign the young Paraguayan remains to be seen, but he does fit the bill of young, talented, and relatively cheap. Lost in all that is his production, which was actually quite good.

Concerning midfielders, there was much speculation about us reaching out to Saúl from Atletico Madrid and gauging interest. He did not reciprocate that interest, but then it came out that we had also inquired to a talented, young, Bayern Munich midfielder before he chose other pastures. All of this is in addition to securing a solid midfielder in Victor Wanyama before the last week of June starts.

Doing business early, having a detailed list of players to sign, and being flexible in the approach to signing them is not what most of us are used to as Spurs supporters. We really do need to take time to realize how crazy of a shift there has been at our club over the last two or three seasons, on the pitch and in the front office.

It's so very nice to live through a time of transition as enjoyable as this.

And now for the "news"

Spurs to miss out on defender| Football Insider

I take it all back. Get off your hands and spend some money, Daniel. FFS. #EnicOut

Some guy I've never heard of played for us and many other teams| Sport Witness

If anybody can explain the point of this story, please inform me. Otherwise, I'm just going to start listing things I've done throughout my life in the Hoddle everyday.

A song of fire and Iceland| SB Nation Soccer

There is no metaphor here I just wanted to say that. Good for our ex-Spurs boys, though. Off topic: is Iceland the whitest place on Earth?

Steve Nash Showdown in Chinatown brings the goods| The Lo Down

I went to this with a friend named *** last night and it was fun. Toronto Raptors center Bismak Biyombo, all 6'9" of him, scored four goals for the winning side. Swear to god.