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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 24, 2016

It's academic, really

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Good morning!

Lost in all the joy of signing Victor Waynama yesterday was that we still have big squad and we don't have a great handle on who we are going to sell. There have been rumblings that Napoli want to buy a few of our players, but Napoli are actually pretty good, and that should give us pause. I could make an analogy about getting robbed here, but Napoli being involved, that may be a bit on the nose, right?

Back to my point. What's that? I haven't made one. Well, I'd be happy to now. I won't be happy when we sell any member of our current squad, non-Fazio division. That's not to say I think we should keep the likes of Nacer Chadli and Ryan Mason around; I don't, but it will bring me no joy. They have been part of a team that has gone to a cup final and taken us back into the Champions League, far from small stuff.

The sentimentality doesn't change the size of our huge squad, though, and what will be even more difficult for us Tottenham supporters during this and future windows is accepting that we'll have to wave goodbye to a fair number of academy products whose paths are blocked to the first team. Think Andros Townsend times, well, a lot.

Looking back at our Prospect Ranking Series from a year ago, there aren't any players still with Spurs who I want to go. Would I understand if we sold Grant Ward to Hull City? Sure, I mean, how can we expect them to resist a Tottenham midfielder. But would I be happy about it? No, absolutely not. And for every Milos Veljkovic that moves on, there's a Dominic Ball that fills his shoes.

Now that I'm properly melancholy, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

And now for the "news":

Premier League teams are kicking the tires on this long-time Tottenham target| Sport Witness

"Suspension seems fine. Nothing wrong with the acceleration. Tires have plenty of tread left. Who were the previous owners? Uh huh. Uh huh. Well, I wish you good luck trying to sell him for 50 million pounds to West Ham. What's that? They've bid 60 against themselves and he still won't go! Can't say I blame him."

Former Spurs director talks about nearly signing Dimitri Payet| Express

It's not who you'd think! My sources tell me that Damien has been seen in and around the Sky studios chatting with Honest Tim, though, going over the fine points of players they wanted to sing throughout the years.

AZ Alkmaar reject first Tottenham offer for Janssen| AD Sportwereld

It's in Dutch because I like putting things in different languages. Because I'm also a softie at heart, here is what AZ's chairman actually said about wanting an improved offer.

Top 10 performers at the Euros so far| NBC Sports

Don't see Gigi Buffon on the list. List is trash. Goes to youtube to watch clips of Gigi singing the national anthem. Feels better.


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