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Victor Wanyama really loves spaghetti

When your favorite club signs a new player, in this day and age, it's customary to follow that player on all the various social media platforms out there. I'll admit that I haven't gotten into the new wave of apps like SnapChat. I just don't get it. Twitter is still my go-to social app.

As soon as I found out that Spurs were signing Victor Wanyama, I went to work. As soon as I started researching his social media presence, one thing started repetitively popping up. Spaghetti.

Four years ago, the then Celtic player tweeted about how he was eating some Spaghetti and how he really liked it.

That seemingly innocuous tweet went viral. To date it has nearly 32,000 retweets and it's all anyone wants to talk about.

His tweet has more retweets than Chelsea's tweet celebrating their Champions League victory...

Even during his introductory interview with SpursTV he dropped a few lines about Spaghetti. The man is Spaghetti crazy.

I've always wanted to be popular and go viral. I'm going to go tweet about how much I love boiled peanuts and see what happens.