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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 27, 2016

"Monday Funday" is never going to catch on, is it?

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Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Good morning!

As I existentially ponder why Mondays are the worst, let us take time to ponder who would be the best office manager on our current squad. The manager's job is to convince people that they can do whatever "it" is that people do at their jobs. The manager's job is to make people keep coming in on Mondays when we don't want to on every instinctual and logical level. The manager, no matter how much we hate that ****, makes us come in and get work done.

I think we have to rule our the manager here; he basically is a manager. On our actual team, I'd go for Hugo. Mild mannered but definitely not afraid to take charge of his area and pull off a move or two when needed. In fact, testing Lloris but not coming correct should be called "getting Michu'd" from now on. Everybody on the team knows how good our goalkeeper is and works hard for him.

Even more impressive is that he stood by us when we weren't in our stride, changing managers left and right, playing Nacer Chadli and Gylfi Siggurdson pivots. People say that modern football is all greed and cynicism, and while there aspects of that galore, that ignores figures like our number one. He's a company man, a Tottenham man, though and through.

It is a privilege to have him as our captain and it makes me happy to know he'll lead us in the Champions League this September.

And now for the "news":

Jan Vertonghen welcomes Wanyama| The Sport Review

No word if he has recruited him into his cult of "Settlers of Catan" but Jan is a smart man and has to be anticipating a Chadli sale. It's just good business.

Dele Alli potential yet to be unlocked in the Euros| Telegraph

Has anyone seen Roy? We need to unlock the bus doors; there's a lot of potential in there but we just can't get it when this thing is parked here. Seriously, where is Roy?

Bayern want Eric Dier but will have to pry him from Dele Alli's cold, dead hands| Squawka

Sure, writer man, a midfield relationship is what developed between Dier and Alli this last year. Nothing more, nothing less.

Argentina lose another final while Chile keep on winning| SB Nation Soccer

I would write about how it makes me sad to see a great generation of players win nothing, but I'm afraid the ref may red card me.