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Jan Vertonghen is a bottle-flipping prodigy

There's a new craze sweeping the internet. The art of bottle-flipping. Yes, you read that correctly. It all began a few months ago with a viral video of a kid doing it at a talent show. Since then it's taken a life of its own.

Tottenham Hotspur defender, Jan Vertonghen, is getting in on the action himself and he's got a promising future:

While the Belgian may want to stick to his day job, it's nice to know he has a back up plan in case this football thing goes by the wayside. I can just imagine him and Toby Alderweireld becoming a traveling duo of bottle-flippers. I'd pay to see that.

However, I guess trying to win the European Championships with Belgium will have to take precedence of his new hobby. Don't you just hate it when logical priorities get in the way of dreams?

Belgium will play Wales in the Euro 2016 quarterfinals on Friday. Tottenham's season starts in a month and a half. PLEASE HURRY UP.