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Bruno Alves apologizes for horror tackle on Harry Kane

Go away, Bruno. I'm still mad.

England v Portugal - International Friendly Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

One day after getting sent off for trying to kick England and Tottenham striker Harry Kane, Chuck Norris style, in the face, Portuguese defender Bruno Alves came out and apologized for his actions during yesterday's international friendly. More or less.

This is an uncontrolled gesture, I did not want to foul, but I am late, I put too much commitment. Unfortunately these things happen... I apologised to my team-mates and I thank them, I commend them for what they have achieved in the second half, 10 against 11.

I am very sorry for what happened. I admit the mistake and assume the consequences. It is important to not repeat it, and I felt the support of all and now we must move on.

So, a little credit should go to Alves, I guess, for apologizing, sort of, for the incident. He did say he apologized to his teammates (though not to Kane), though that apology is blunted a little bit by the "these things happen" line. And he did say he was sorry.

But no, Bruno, going in karate-kick style head high against an opposing player doesn't "just happen." And in fact, I'd be more inclined to let this go if Alves didn't already have an extensive history of being a complete and utter jackass on the pitch.

[NOTE: background music to this video is NSFW; you may want to watch on mute]

The tackle on Kane, especially in the context of a friendly match, was reckless and colossally stupid, and hand-waving it away by saying "I was just late, s**t happens" is irritating. Kane was extremely lucky that he wasn't seriously injured in an international friendly just days before the kick off of the European Championships. I give more credit to Kane for popping up immediately and continuing to play and not immediately going to the official to complain or writhing on the ground in pain, both of which he would've been in his rights to do.

So thanks for the apology I guess, Bruno. But I'm still MAD ONLINE.