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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 6, 2016

Monday to the rating of...

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Good morning!

Our fearless leader, Menno Daddy Gerber-Martin, gets a lot of stick around these parts for his player rating articles, but I'll say this: figuring out how to keep a running schtick going with fresh new ideas ain't always the easiest and sometimes the best laid plans fall flat.

We all follow Tottenham. We know what that's like.

In the spirit of Uncle Dustin's ratings, however, I will rate the latest rumors on, not a five star scale, but a five Vin scale, peak Vin being a combination of rumor that is both believable, funny, and new. Do not set your expectations high, I beg of you.

And now for the "news":

Spurs to ramp up interest in Palermo playmaker| The Sport Review

What exactly Franco Vazquez does better than any of our attackers is not entirely apparent, but hey, we've long been a team linked to certain types of players. As long as we sell Nacer Chadli, Ryan Mason, and Tom Carroll this move might make sense. 2 Vins

Adam Lallana keeps tabs on Spurs| Mirror

The collective grumblings out of Merseyside about him being in contact with Mauricio hopefully will be followed by us signing him, making him a midfield dynamo, and winning the double. I was against this rumor before, but now I want maximum humiliation for the Reds. 5 Vins

That's about it. Seriously slow weekend on the Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumor front.

What I will say in closing is that there are no words to describe Muhammad Ali that haven't been written already. I just hope he gets to rest in peace. As a little tribute, I'm linking a story on one of the best fights I've seen in a while, a sure fire "fight of the year" candidate.

People sometimes say "the rap game is a crack game" about the amounts of shadiness in the business, and that is certainly true of boxing. With all that said, there is also something exhilarating about watching resilience, athleticism, and power come together in a ring. It's why we first loved Ali, and we should be thankful he was given that platform. If you get the chance, watch what these two guys did on Saturday night. You won't be disappointed.

Francisco Vargas and Orlando Salido battle to a an epic draw| LA Times