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Harry Kane attempts to sketch himself in 60 seconds, fails miserably

What even is this?

Harry Kane is a renaissance man. He can do pretty much anything. He's a world-class striker, an entrepreneur, a spokesman, a golfer. However, we finally found something that Harry is totally trash at -- aside from keeping his mouth closed.

The Premier League's Golden Boot winner was asked to participate in a "60 seconds doodle challenge." The rules of this exercise are simple. You have a minute to draw an object. His task was to draw himself and this is how it turned out:

Oof. My 5-year-old nephew probably could've done better than that, Harry. That's truly embarrassing. At least now know with 100 percent certainty that Tottenham don't have to worry about ever losing him to the art industry.

What kind of shoes are those? He should probably go see a doctor if his feet are that round. That's very unnatural. You know what they say about guys with the hands of a chicken...They probably can't draw worth a damn.